One of the strongest and time-honoured traditions of St John's College, Woodlawn has been an emphasis on the Woodlawn family. Nowhere is this tradition of family more visible than in the relationships that exist through the ex-student network.


Further enquiries regarding membership or the Association can be made to:

Mrs Penny Dietrich
St John's College
PO Box 6,
Phone: 02 6626 2600
Email: penny.dietrich@lism.catholic.edu.au


When Woodlawn College opened in 1931 it was named St John's Educational and Agricultural College. The initial enrolment was for 80 students and the emphasis was on agricultural studies.

In the years since that occasion, many changes took place within the College, none so great as the changes over the past few years. Change has become an integral part of the society in which we live. There is no place for those who resist change in the organisations of our time. In order to continue to exist we must adapt, we must plan and we must put in place strategies and structures to best meet the future needs of that which we are a part of.

One of the strongest and time-honoured traditions of St John's College Woodlawn has been an emphasis on the Woodlawn family. Nowhere is this tradition of family more visible than in the relationships that exist through the ex-student network. 

In order to preserve this extremely important aspect of the College within the context of the new order, a group of ex-students took a decision to be proactive in establishing a structure to move with the changes. In association with Fr Paul Pidcock, the group set about registering with Woodlawn Ex-Student's Association as an incorporated body.

This being done, the group set about establishing the aims and goals of the Association and some activities it would be dedicated to. The Woodlawn Ex-Students Association is dedicated to:

  • Establish an Ex-Students Association to help maintain the traditions of the College.  
  • Coordinate the Ex-Student reunion and create Ex-Student networks.
  • Publish a biennial newsletter to help keep people informed and maintain contact.
  • Establish structures to develop communication between ex-students, parents and current students.

The aims of the association are to:

  • Foster the aims and objectives of St John's College, as a Catholic and Christian education institution, displaying its own image and traditions.
  • Foster and keep alive among ex-students, a remembrance of the College and take an active interest in its welfare.
  • Foster a spirit of friendship and love among all students, past and present.
  • Encourage in the present student body, the Gospel values in everyday living, by our own Christian example and actions.
  • Support the College in any manner that the Committee of the Association shall from time to time deem advisable.


The benefits of being a member include:

  • Regular information on ex-students' news, reunions and functions etc.
  • Maintain contact and friendship among fellow students.
  • Access to twice yearly newsletters.
  • Life membership key ring.
  • Member's lapel pin.


We would invite all ex-students to be part of the Ex-Students Association.

Further enquiries regarding membership or the association can be made to:

Mrs Penny Dietrich
St John's College
PO Box 6,
Phone: 6626 2600
Email: penny.dietrich@lism.catholic.edu.au


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Father Paul Pidcock

Mr John Molloy


Mr Damian Price
Phone: (H) 6624 1763 (W) 6620 2000
Email: damian@ncfs.com.au


Mr Stuart George


Mr Michael Shay

C/o L J Hooker

87-89 River Street, Ballina 2478
Phone: (H) 6687 5592 (W) 6686 2711
Email: mshay.admiral@ljh.com.au


Mr Bernie MacDonald
Phone: (H) 6621 3495 (W) 6626 2600
Email: bmacdonald@lism.catholic.edu.au

Mr Adrian Bordin
Phone: 0400 432 751
Email: adrian@bordinbros.com.au

Mr Damian Mulherin
Phone: 0488 622 264
Email: damian@mulherinschier.com.au

College Secretarial Staff
Mrs Penny Dietrich

St. Johns College
PO Box 6, Lismore 2480
Phone: 6626 2602
Email: penny.dietrich@lism.catholic.edu.au


Ex-Students Committees (Branches)

Grafton: Operating Periodically

Contact: Alan McFadyen 02 6642 4644


Tweed: Gathering for lunch at Cudgen League's Club on second Sunday in October annually

Contact: John Reynolds 02 6672 3651

             Noel McDonald 07 5599 1900


Mid North Coast: Operating with gatherings 2/3 times a year

Contact: Des Grissell     02 6582 0753

             John McCarthy 02 6585 5758


Sydney:  Meet at Pinot's Pizzeria Italian Restaurant every Thursday for a pizza lunch and a glass of red! 49 Willoughby Road, Crows Nest

Contact: John Hargreaves 02 9969 3641

             Dennis Pidcock  02 9565 1056


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God of truth and life, In your loving wisdom, you have given us your Son, Jesus, and your Holy Spirit, to guide and inspire us in our Christian lives. You have also provided us with the special patronage of Mary, Mother of God, and St John the first and most loved of Jesus’ disciples.

We give you thanks for the gift of the Marist way of following the Gospel and for choosing Marist priests, brothers and teachers to inspire the Church’s educational mission throughout the world, especially at St John’s College, Woodlawn.

We are grateful for choosing us to belong to this Woodlawn and Marist family. Help us to remain loyal, faithful and true sons and daughters of this family and to cherish and celebrate those traditions that have helped formed us into the people we are today.

Like Mary, who treasured these things in her heart, may we always treasure the best of the Woodlawn spirit as a guiding principle throughout our lives. Like John the apostle, who remained faithful to Jesus and to Mary, may we be inspired to build a better world in which God’s reign of justice, peace and love may grow.

We ask you to bless the priests, brothers, teachers and staff whose service in love has touched our lives. We thank you for your dedication and generosity.  May your blessing continue on the Woodlawn staff and students now and into the future.

We ask this prayer through the intercession of Woodlawn’s patrons, Mary and St John. With them we pray for all sons and daughters of Woodlawn, today and tomorrow, that they may live good lives and, in turn, pass on the values they have been taught to generations yet to come.

We make this prayer to you, God and Father of us all, through the spirit you have given us and in the name of your son, Jesus Christ, Our Lord.

Composed by Fr Gerard Hall S.M.

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