The payment of school fees and other costs are required at the beginning of each term. There is a reduction of 10%, on tuition only, for brothers or sisters attending the College at the same time. Additionally, the fourth and subsequent children will not be charged (tuition fees only), whilst four or more brothers and sisters are concurrently enrolled at the College. All fees and charges are subject to yearly variation unless stated otherwise.

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Tuition Fees
Year 7 & 8 (4 terms) $985 per term
Year 9 & 10 (4 terms) $1035 per term
Year 11 (4 terms) $1155 per term
Year 12 (3 terms) $1560 per term

Note:- Fees for 2025 are set during Term 4, 2024.

Resource Hire Fees

The Resource Hire Fee of $330, billed in Term 1, represents a partial offset of resource costs that are provided by the College to students each year. This includes textbooks, novels, printing, software licences, internet access and other resources etc.  This fee applies to all students.

Fee Policy

An extract from the Fee Policy is printed in the Information for Parents & Students Handbook (Section 10) or can be obtained by phoning the College.

Subject Costs for Years 7 and 8 (per year)

In some subjects an additional cost is charged to cover all materials and equipment needed by the student. The cost is charged at the beginning of the school year. The costs for Visual Arts are set to allow students to make use of quality equipment and to cover some materials needed by the students during the course of the year. In Technology Mandatory, the fees are set to cover materials and consumable items in the three context areas in Years 7 and 8, i.e. Agriculture and Food Technologies, Digital Technologies, Engineered Systems and Material Technologies. 

Levies for Elective Courses in Years 9, 10, 11 and 12

Levies are charged for elective subjects in Years 9, 10, 11 and 12. The levies are charged at the beginning of Term 2 each year and cover the costs of consumable and other resource materials used by the students. The levies are administered by the respective subject departments. Details on specific costs will be found in the Information for Parents and Students Handbook. In Year 12, materials required for Major Projects are at the student's expense.

The College will consider facilitating additional courses specifically required by a student subject to availability and direct cost to the College to be borne by parents.

Camps and Retreats

All students in Years 7, 8, 9, 11 and 12 participate in a camp/retreat style program at various times throughout the year. The program is a significant factor in promoting the personal and spiritual development of the students as well as building and developing a range of essential life skills. Attendance at this camp or retreat program is compulsory. The current program is structured as follows:


Came Approx Cost
7 Sleepout at the College  $50
8 Tyalgum - Leadership and Personal Development (3 days outdoor program) $330
9 Camp Kokoda $390
11/12 Senior Retreat (3 days) - Bornhoffen $350

While the cost of the camp and retreat program is borne by parents, every effort is made to keep the costs to a minimum. The costs noted above are subject to change based on the final costs as advised by the camp providers. 

In addition to the above compulsory camps a range of optional development programs are offered. Details of those camps will be advertised at the relevant time. These additional opportunities are available to all students and are voluntary. Eligibility for the volunteer camps is subject to fees being paid up-to-date.

Building Fund

The Building Fund is a registered tax deductible gift recipient and as such donations are 100% tax deductible.

The extensive factilities and grounds of Woodlawn exist because of the ongoing support by parents/guardians and families and can only continue if current families recognise the inter-generational benefit/responsibility in this regard.

The College Master Plan provides a strategy to systematically renew areas of the College to ensure students have access to contemporary learning environments. These upgrades can only occur with significant parent/guardian support of the Building Fund.

Contributions to the Building Fund are voluntary. However, we strongly recommend that families commit to annual contributions that both recognise and respect the opportunities available through a Woodlawn education.

Collection of Monies

The College accepts cash, cheque and internet deposits via BPay (including credit cards). An EFTPOS terminal is available at the Front Office for payments. Cash out is not available. Note: Overseas credit cards attract additional fees which will be charged to the student’s account.

Cash payments to the College should be placed (preferably before Home Group) in a suitably labelled envelope and deposited in the locked money cabinet in the Student Services Office. Significant cash payments, e.g. school fees, should be given directly to Ms Kendall Thomson (Finance Officer) before Home Group.