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St John’s College, Woodlawn has a Bring Your Own Specified Device or BYOSD program. 

The following change has been made for 2022:

Due to the effects of COVID-19 on many families in 2020 and 2021, the College has revised its Laptop requirements for 2022. The increased financial strain on many families and the ever-increasing cost of Apple laptops has led to the College including a Windows-based HP Laptop in its specified device list.

While an Apple laptop is still the College’s preferred device, teaching programs will be adjusted to accommodate windows-based software. The new device has been sourced from a specific HP Educational supplier and is available from an online portal. The education pricing for this device includes delivery, 3 year Warranty, 3 year Accidental Damage Protection (3 claims with no excess) and payment options of up to 24 months interest free.

The original laptop options will remain, giving parents a choice of:

  • Apple Laptop (Macbook Air or Macbook Pro from any Apple supplier);
  • HP ProBook 430 G7 (13.3”) i5 (from the supplier’s specific College portal page). Further information will be available when the College's specific portal page is set-up by the supplier.
  • Second-hand Macbook Air (from the College, pending availability).

The College will have a limited number of used laptops available to incoming students, including one year Accidental Damage and Theft Insurance for the device, at a discounted price of $550 (incl GST). Please note these devices do not have any Apple Care warranty remaining. This program will expire with the 2022 Year 7 intake. Further information can be obtained from the College Manager after the student is accepted.

Families can purchase the specified Apple devices in-store at all Apple suppliers, including Powermax in Lismore.

Devices can also be purchased from any Apple authorised reseller, as long as the below specifications are a minimum. PowerMax, located in Lismore, is a local apple authorised reseller and is also the local authorised Apple repairer and warrenty services provider.

The preferred device is: Apple MacBook Air 13.3"

Three (3) years AppleCare Warranty and three (3) years Accidental Damage and Theft Insurance are highly recommended. The College has contracted iBroker for the provision of Accidental Damage and Theft Insurance. Please visit iBroker for more information on how families can purchase this insurance for a new device. 

13.3" Macbook Air HP ProBook 430 G7
Processor 1.8Ghz Processor 1.6Ghz
Memory 8gb Memory 8gb
Storage  128gb (upgradeable) Storage 256gb SDD Storage
USB Type 1/2 x3 USB Type C


A great deal of research and investigation has occurred over several years to determine which device would be specified. The conclusion was to retain the MacBook Air 13" device for the following benefits:

  • Proven longevity of Apple laptops. With due care & appropriate usage, including regularly shutting down or restarting, the laptop can be used for the full 6 years of secondary school.
  • MacBook Airs have no moving parts and therefore have less breakdowns and cope with being transported on buses and between classes, better prolonged with an additional protective case or cover.
  • MacBook Airs are lightweight.
  • Robust casing (improved further by a good case/cover).
  • MacBook Air 13" have 4 batteries which generally, and when properly cared for, hold their charge for the full school day for many years.
  • MacBook operating systems are updated via downloadable updates and therefore stay relevant throughout the 6 years of secondary school.
  • MacBooks provide students access to specialist applications which are utilised in Years 7 and 8 Visual Arts as well as a range of specialist subjects and electives, eg Music, Digital Imaging, iStem etc.
  • MacBooks ensure the compatibility to existing and developing resources.
  • The introduction of a 1 year Adobe Educational Licence for devices other than school owned, enables us to proceed with no other software purchases being required.
  • A common device means no student is disadvantaged or singled out, and the age of Macbook Airs is not discernible.


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